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Babyface Boxing
"The Only Boxing Gym in Pacifica, Ca."

Kids Boxing Fun & Fitness Class 7 years 14 Years
Monday thru Thursday 4pm-5pm
Learning how to box has been a way of teaching youth fundamentals of life skills they will use for the rest of their lives.
Our program is designed to be a fun, safe and rewarding learning experience for your child. Our Boxing classes for kids help develop Focus, Discipline, Confidence, Coordination, Endurance, and Boxing Skills/Self Defense.
Please be on time (or 15 minutes early)

** Each additional kid one half the fees

  • Lose weight and body fat.

  • Personal training packages, small groups, public classes.

  • See how easy and fun it is to get started!

  • Call today for a free one-on-one session: 415-694-1907


Babyface Boxing - 640 Crespi Drive, Pacifica CA, 415-694-1907

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